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Oh Johnny – By Waina French – Girl BeastialityOh Johnny – By Waina French – Girl Beastiality

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File Name: 0206 ZooStory Oh Johnny – By Waina French – Girl Beastiality
Format: pdf
Size: 60.75 KB
Total pages: 5

Description: Johnny has left his wife because of her dog sex. But, who
is guilty ? The dog sex surely not. (F/bestiality porn)


Oh Johnny, why didn’t you understand me?

Oh Johnny! You left me. You are angry and sad about the
strange things you saw. But listen! I want you to come

Johnny, why didn’t you understand me?

Remember. Last year, for the birthday gift, you said
that you were going to buy a baby pet because in my kid
years I had a dog sex which I liked very much. I answered
you not to do that. I didn’t want any pet in our place.
That day I told you that my greatest wish was to have a
baby with you and that was not enough space in our
small apartment to have a baby and a dog sex together.

You didn’t listen to me. You offered me the pet and
told that we were going to move in a bigger house with
a garden as soon as I was pregnant. At this moment I
realized that this dog sex was for you but not mine. I
named it Rogg. Soon he grew up and became and beautiful

A year later, I was pregnant. As you promised, we
settled to a larger place. It was a nice house with
many rooms, a wonderful bath-room, kitchen facilities
and all around there was an endless green garden with a
small swimming-pool. How I liked that new home.

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Ariel Perfect Weapon [mp4/1080p]Ariel Perfect Weapon [mp4/1080p]

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0099 PremZoo Ariel Perfect Weapon - Ariel Perfect Weapon [mp4/1080p]

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File Name: 0099 PremZoo Ariel Perfect Weapon
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Old Enough For Max – By Foxi – Fg, Young Zoosex, Beastiality, IncestOld Enough For Max – By Foxi – Fg, Young Zoosex, Beastiality, Incest

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File Name: 0205 ZooStory Old Enough For Max – By Foxi – Fg, Young Zoosex, Beastiality, Incest
Format: pdf
Size: 54.51 KB
Total pages: 4

Description: Mother teaches her daughter to have great sex with the
family dog sex Max. (Fg, ped, bestiality porn, inc)


Max lay on the bed sprawled out in his usual manner
when he knew that sex was eminent. My daughter Nikki,
naked, sat on the bed near him and I was also naked as
I moved near to my hot little girl.

Nikki was a cute twelve year old blonde that was
growing up to be a real hottie. The boys were already
calling her and trying to fuck her. But she put them
off. She liked to zoophilia porn storyurbate and I watched her on
several occasions as she pulled and twisted her tiny
clit to orgasm. I taught her well. I wanted her to be
self sufficient and not depend on men for anything.
That also meant sex.

I sat next to her feeling her lovely body press to
mine. Her small luscious breasts were firm and excited
as her tiny nipples swelled to eraser tips. I made sure
that her pussy though already sparse was shaved clean
and I saw how pouty those vaginal lips became as her
excitement grew. Her tiny clit poked out from its hood
like a mini cock ready for play.

I had prepared her for this moment. That’s why she was
so excited. Every day for a month we sat at the
computer looking at hot sex sites showing young girls
doing all sorts of unimaginable things to get an
orgasm. We would be naked. Her on my lap as we both
viewed the sites. I could feel her twist in pleasure at
each new site, each hot picture or movie.