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New Mother For The Boys Ranch – Animal Sex Novel By Jane Tanner

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File Name: 0078 BN New Mother For The Boys Ranch – Animal Sex Novel By Jane Tanner
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Description: New Mother For The Boys Ranch
By Jane Tanner


Despite the administration’s efforts to combat crime, America is under attack by the criminal element today as never before. Witness a recent survey by a popular national magazine, in which a staggering percentage of big city dwellers said they were afraid to walk the streets at night. This in itself is a shameful admission, a blight on the good name of these freedom-loving United States. Even more alarming was the news that many law-abiding citizens did not feel safe behind the locked doors of their own homes.

WHAT IS THE UNITED STATES COMING TO? This plaintive cry rings out across this great land of ours all too frequently in this troubled day and age. And all this from the current wave of violent street crime.

But street crime is only a bothersome thorn in our national side compared to its big brother, the crushing steamroller of organized crime. As anyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear knows, the dreaded syndicate is still around and prospering today as it never did in its so-called heyday of the Roaring Twenties and Trembling Thirties.

Organized crime is going legitimate, they tell us, and the fools among us relax their guards while the rest of us shudder, knowing that the poisonous viper is sinking its venomous fangs into respectable businesses and rapidly paralyzing the vigorous spirit of free enterprise which made this nation what it is today.

Going "legit" has not stopped organized crime from continuing to traffic in its mainstays of dope, prostitution and illegal gambling, however, and it is from this older, gangster-made nightmare that our heroine, lovely Marsha Cordell, is fleeing as her story opens.

Marsha was a young widow who remarried in haste and lived to regret it, for after the honeymoon she woke up to the shocking fact that her husband was the syndicate boss of a Chicago district, and a sadistic brute to boot, once they were settled into his element. He beat Marsha into line and dominated her completely for a time. And then she turned him in. Her testimony sent him to prison. Released from protective custody, Marsha took the $176,000 she’d stolen from her husband’s safe and ran, with the vindictive syndicate hot on her pretty heels, for they wanted their money back, and they also wanted Marsha, so they could make an example of her.

With death or worse pursuing her, Marsha drives a circuitous route home to California, where her twelve-year-old son by her first marriage has been living with her older brother. She makes it to Southern New Mexico, where she stops to help a stranded priest and a young, mouth-watering boy.

Father Shannon has recently inherited a ranch and is turning it into a home for orphaned and unwanted boys. The ranch is in the middle of nowhere. Marsha receives an invitation to spend the night. The priest feels her out, learns she once worked at a YMCA and prevails upon her to stay on and be the mother his parentless boys so desperately need. Now the priest doesn’t know Marsha was fired from her YMCA job for seducing a young boy, or that she has already fellated one of his boys. And Marsha isn’t about to tell him. She needs a safe place to hide, and this is it.

Without giving away the solid plot of this well-written erotic novel, we can assure you that its voluptuous heroine changes the lives of everyone she comes into contact with, and there’s plenty of sexual contact. Marsha can’t keep her hands and mouth off the appealing boys. The priest loses his cool when he catches Marsha committing bestiality with his large wolf-dog, and Marsha, panting with lust, promptly finds a new obscene delight in dragging the holy man down into the gutter and teaching him the vulgar pleasures of the flesh. Her son gets into the act later, and her brother and his thirteen-year-old daughter, too. The syndicate catches up with Marsha eventually, and two callous hoods degrade her horribly before the eyes of her loved ones, leaving her in a blubbering heap when they turn their attentions on her cute little niece and sacrifice the tender thirteen-year-old’s virginity to their brutal lust.

You’ll have to read the book for the outcome of the story but, in short, Jane Tanner has done it again. If you’ve read any of her stories, you know what kind of raw, gut-grabbing adventure to expect in this one, and you won’t be let down.

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