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Pennys Pet – Animal Sex Novel By Duncan Fox

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File Name: 0081 BN Pennys Pet – Animal Sex Novel By Duncan Fox
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Description: Penny’s Pet
By Duncan Fox

Penny slowly shook her head back and forth, unable to believe what was about to happen to her. She couldn’t move, and she watched Manfred’s slow, steady approach toward her exposed sex. There was no doubt now as to his real intention. His head down, his brown eyes focused squarely on the intersection of Penny’s thighs as his tongue licked out. She groaned softly now, as a shiver of anticipation raced through her. It would be beautiful, she knew, being made love to by the huge German shepherd.


Penelope Savage was sound asleep. The covers were pulled high, cutting across her chest between the tops of her full breasts and her pale, graceful neck. Her full lips were parted slightly, her lower lip pouting as if she had just been scolded. Her black hair, curling under slightly at the ends, was rumpled in spite of its natural straightness. The only motion was the slow rise and fall of her breasts as she breathed.

She didn’t stir at the slight sound in the room, the quiet sound of a soft footfall on the carpet. Her steady, even breathing continued as a man’s strong, tanned hand reached for the sheet and slowly lifted it and pulled it downward, exposing more of her. Her demure, high-necked nightgown, shapeless as it was, did little to conceal the soft seductive curves of her body as the man pulled the covers lower and lower, slowly, as if he were teasing himself.

Penny was so soundly asleep that when her fingers caught in a fold of the sheet and her arm lifted slightly before dropping back on the bed, she still didn’t stir. The covers were down to her waist now, exposing more and more of her rumpled nightgown. The sunlight filtering through the curtains was bright enough to show the tiny hairs on her bare arms.

With infinite patience the man continued to tease the covers off Penny, drawing them upward and away from her to keep her from waking. His eyes studied her as if she were an art treasure, while the way he licked his lips indicated his interest was not just esthetic.

The man folded the covers carefully back down on the bed, leaving them covering only Penny’s feet. Then he reached down and delicately rolled them off, uncovering her completely. The nightgown, a soft blue cotton, was rucked up, its hem pushed up well above her knees to expose her graceful, flawless legs to the morning light.

She was lying on her back, her hips turned slightly, her knees bent and her legs slightly spread. As the man stood staring down at her, she shifted restlessly, making him catch his breath. Penny’s hands moved slowly over the smooth expanse of the sheet, as if searching blindly for the covers. Her fingers were long and graceful, her nails meticulously manicured. Penny’s head turned and her chin lifted, exposing her white throat even more as she shifted on the pillow.

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