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Taking Daddys Place – ZooSex Novel By Jane Tanner

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Description: Taking Daddy’s Place
By Jane Tanner


What’s a healthy young wife who likes her sexing on a regular basis supposed to do when her husband is away for long months at a time? This is a question that has plagued hot>natured women throughout recorded history, and perhaps the wives of sailors much more so than any other particular group of ladies.

Ever since there’ve been ships capable of crossing the oceans, wives have been left behind on shore while their men sail off to distant ports. And not once but again and again if the husband earns his livelihood as a sailor. Now any lengthy separation between husband and wife is bound to cause marital difficulties.

The human sex urge being what it is-some authorities rank only hunger above it in motivating forces-sailors are well known for their drinking, hell raising and freewheeling sexing; and their stay-at-home wives must look their morals right in the eye and make their individual choices of whether to sin or suffer while hubby is away.

It has always been so, and the wives of seafaring men have, as a group, become known for their susceptibility to extramarital sexual intercourse.

Not all shorebound Navy wives who slip from the straight and narrow can be considered loose women. Indeed, many of those who do yield to temptation stray from the marriage bed only once or a few times during their entire lives, and afterward suffer the pangs of their wifely consciences for their few moments of carnal pleasure.

On the other hand, anyone who’s ever lived in a port city is well aware that many of the young women frequenting bars and nightspots are in reality Navy wives with ants in their pants who’ve conveniently discarded their rings temporarily and are, like the bad joke about inept typists, just plain hunt-un-peckers. These are the loose women, the habitual adulteresses who make a way of life out of cuckolding their unsuspecting sailor husbands with an unending string of half-remembered men whom they bed down with for one-night stands.

In between the two extremes are the countless young women, basically decent and moral, who face up to the conditions of their human frailty and somehow manage to remain good wives and mothers while at the same time, because of their rather constant sexual needs, they also discreetly get the sexing they must have during their sailor husbands’ absences by carrying on clandestine love affairs of various lengths and seriousness.

It is from this continuing social problem-social because it often results in divorce and occasionally in murder-that author Jane Tanner has taken the theme of her latest novel, Taking Daddy’s Place.

The heroine is Melba Upchurch, 28-year-old wife of a senior petty officer who is serving a six-month tour of sea duty. Melba gave her heart and her virginity to Don at the tender age of fifteen and has remained faithful to him ever since-until this time.

Melba finds herself parked husbandless in an unfriendly community. The non-Navy wives consider her beauty a threat to their marriages and so won’t accept her. There is only one other Navy wife, whose husband is also at sea, in the neighborhood, so naturally the two outcasts are drawn together in friendship.

The ungluing of Melba begins when she inadvertently catches Flo, her new girl friend, having sexual intercourse with her 150 pound Great Dane. Unknown to Melba, Flo is a swinger through and through who enjoys nothing more than giving prim and proper young wives like Melba a shove down the primrose path.

"Come on, try it," Flo coaxes. "Dancer’s as good an any man and better than most, and it isn’t really cheating on your husband, now is it? Of course not, he’s only a dog, not a guy."

In the state of stunned fascination, Melba gives in and takes on her friend’s magnificent huge dog. This is her first indiscretion but not her last, for once Melba starts she can’t stop and soon discovers a secret part of her that yearns for the untainted bodies of young boys, three of whom she seduces separately. Then Flo sets her up for a gang-banging by three college students, after which she settles down to a secret incestuous affair with her own darling son. Then Melba’s husband comes home and his 15-year-old sister is living with them and things really start popping.

This is a horny tale with that delicious old-time flavor of the typewritten stories which those of us around forty or so used to find simply delightful when they were passed around the halls of high schools and the open bays of the boot camps and basic training centers of the military services.

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