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The Nieces Wild Ass – ZooSex Novel By David Crane

200216516 0099 bn the nieces wild ass   zoosex novel by david crane - The Nieces Wild Ass - ZooSex Novel By David Crane

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Description: The Niece’s Wild Ass
By David Crane


"It sure is pretty here," Cindy Lacey said, as she gazed out over the rim of the gorge. "I’m awful glad I could come on vacation with you and your folks, Marylou."

Marylou, Cindy’s cousin, smiled. Cindy was standing near the edge, where the rolling pine country suddenly broke away into the deep gorge. Cindy was a pretty blonde girl with big blue eyes and a scattering of freckles across her cheeks. She was nubile and sexy, but at the same time, innocent and healthy-looking. It was a warm day, and Cindy was wearing a pair of tight denim shorts that were molded to the heart shaped sweep of her ass, and a tight tee shirt that outlined the plump contours of her tits. When she inhaled the fresh mountain air, those saucy tit-globes seemed to swell up like balloons and her pert nipples stood out in twin peaks.

She gazed down, watching a lazy hawk circle above the canyon floor. She had never seen a bird from above before. Far below, a swift blue stream curled and foamed, the same stream that had, through the ages, cut the gorge some half-mile deep. The steep slopes were covered with pine and shrub, and. off to one side she could see a wild donkey following a winding trail.

Cindy, impressed by the vista, looked out in wonder.

And Marylou, equally impressed, looked at her cousin’s denim-clad ass and smiled seductively.

Marylou was a little older, but every bit as sexy as her younger cousin. She had long black hair and slanted green eyes and a wide, sensual mouth. She was also wearing shorts and a tee shirt tight enough to show off her heavy tits. She was sitting by the tent, one knee raised and her hands on it, her chin resting on her hands and her eyes glued on Cindy’s bouncy ass. Marylou’s shorts were drawn up into the vee of her crotch and a wisp of curly cunthair peeped from the leghole.

The family had just arrived, and Marylou’s parents–Cindy’s aunt and uncle–had pitched their own tent some distance away, around a curve in the rim and out of sight. They had arranged it that way deliberately, in fact, because Tony and Sarah liked to fuck a lot and Sarah made such a lot of noise when she creamed that they wanted distance and privacy from the inhibiting presence of the young girls.

They had also, by that arrangement, given privacy to the girls–a fact which Cindy, young and innocent, had not even thought about yet, but which naughty Marylou had already considered and approved.

Light-gray smoke drifted up from the trees, testifying that the adults were getting a camp fire going. Rex, their big German Shepherd, was bounding happily about, pleased to be in the country and looking for juicy bunnies to chase. Marylou glanced at the dog and tilted her head, still smiling. She had something a lot juicier and tastier than a bunny for the doggy to gobble, and she knew from experience how enthusiastic Rex could get when she offered him a creamy snack. But then her green eyes shifted back to her blonde cousin and Marylou thought about maybe enjoying a juicy snack, herself.

Cindy turned and strolled back to the tent. Her tits thrust out, the tips stiff and standing out like little valves. Her suntanned thighs were shapely and smooth, rippling as she walked, and her trim little ass shifted from side to side like a pendulum.

She knelt down beside her cousin. Marylou lighted a cigarette, surprising Cindy, who knew that smoking was naughty–and had no idea of how truly naughty her cousin was.

"Gee–I didn’t know you smoked," she said. Marylou grinned and giggled. "I sure do–especially when I’m horny," she replied.

Cindy blushed, averting her gaze. Marylou blew a stream of smoke from her nose and stared speculatively at Cindy, through the haze. She was wondering if the sexy blonde girl was ready for suggestions. Marylou was eager, but she didn’t want to move too fast and take a chance on shocking Cindy.

"We can have lots of fun here," she said. "I guess so," Cindy said. "Only–well, it’s real pretty and all, but we might get a little bored after a while, with nothing to do, huh?"

Marylou snorted, her eyes glinting.

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